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What is UOBT
Union Online Bank Token (UOBT) combines the use of Letter of Credit (LC) with Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts to provide a revolutionary used of Documentary Credit Platform that will change the way we invest, exchange, and make secure payment in domestic and international trade all over the globe. UOBT is backed by various forms of crypto-encrypted Letter of Credits (LC), includes Commercial LC, Export/Import LC, Transferable LC, Standby LC, Revolving LC, for multiple applications to be suitably applied in various industries.
Our Mission
to develop and enhance the used of LC into digital cryptocurrency allowing the possibility of a complete transaction in minutes or seconds as opposed to days or weeks, and to also allow customers to invest into any business transactions through fractional share ownership of credit using our unique online platform. This new style of trading and investment is designed to open the traditional bankers commercial credit to new investors all over the world, and to create possible and affordable involvement for small individuals into banker perspectives and business opportunities.
Fractional ownership allows trades, transactions and LC to be divided into chucks or shares. UOBT provides trading investment opportunities from very small amount to creating a monthly return which is directly relational to the size of the initial LC trade investment.
A catalogue of strategic partners and trade projects will be traded through the UOBT Network online platform, from the traditional purchase and sales process to crowdfunding multimillion-dollar project investments, UOBT Network will bring creditors, buyers/sellers, customers, P2P trading exchange and investment together in one place, opening doors, cutting costs and lowering barriers for all.
Our Solution
To facilitate the purchase of LC on our platforms we use UOBT tokens which are dissolved into CR (Credit) coins upon transfer to the LC asset. UOBT Network members will then hold CR coins which are named after the LC that has been purchased. For instance, if a or purchased a share of MT-760 Standby Letter of Credit No.H760/UOB/25/SBLC190215 for $100,000, the investor would receive CR coins to the value of $100,000 and the CR coin would be called H760/UOB/25/SBLC190215. The ROI will be directly related to the value of investment placed upon the LC and its interest income regardless its application status, the CR coins could also be converted into UOBT tokens and be traded on the UOBT Network platform with our members.
Custody – Vault (Ucustody)
Responding to one of the crypto industry’s most pressing needs, Highly secured custodial services for cryptocurrencies using cold storage.

UOBT will offer direct access to a reliable and regulated digital custodial service, using the best security technology available and upgradeable. UOBT will take and hold deposits of clients’ property for safekeeping and the ability to act in a fiduciary capacity and exercise trust powers. These are key roles that only regulated financial institutions are granted the authority to administer for the public. Individual investors can even set up beneficiaries of their custodial accounts to ensure their digital assets are properly dispersed to the proper heirs upon their deaths.
Road Map
We are committed to maintaining the Road map
up to date and accurate to keep you informed of the project execution.
Digital Currency Concept
UOBT Development
USP and UOBT Registration
UOBT ERC-20 Token Creation
(Ethereum Platform)
2017 Q3
The Beginning
USP Planning and Development
USP Incubator Office Organized
UOBT Mined
2017 Q4
The Beginning
UOBT Financial and CommerceE
Bank Application (Fiat/Crypto)
2018 Q1
UOBT Marketing Package
and Material
UOBT Digital Marketing Plan
2019 Q1
UOBT Blockchain
Platform Developments
2018 Q4
Planning & Development
UOBT Community
Development Plan
SGD-Currency E-Wallet
2018 Q3
Vault and Custodial Services
CISCO Engagement into USP
2018 Q2
Dev Planning
Business Platform (UBis)
UTransfer Planning
Ecosystem Planning and
Amica Law LLC assigned as
legal consultant
2019 Q2
Marketing & First Launch
Sales and Marketing
Digital Marketing Plan
Marketing Campaign
UOBT Initial Launch by USD10million backed LC (Credit for USD15million)
2019 Q3
Exchanges Contracts Developments
UOBT Ecosystem Alliances
Advisors Recruitment, Bank Alliances, Credit Card Alliances, Others
PAYPAL Engagement into USP
2019 Q4
International Financial Entity
Bank Tax Decree Application
Licensed Digital Custody Agreements
UOBT Merchant Processing Alliances
UOBT Initial Launch LC topup USD4.6 million backed LC (Credit increase by USD10million)
2020 Q1
IFE Implementation
IFE Digital Platform in Process
PROPERTYGURU Engagement into USP
UOBT Initial Launch LC topup USD5.2 million backed LC (Credit increase by USD9million)
2021 Q1
Project Implementations
IFE Implementation Continues
Strategic Alliances Continues
IEO Review and Selection
Market Making
2020 Q4
International Digital Bank
Digital Bank Platform Research and Alliancest
Platforms and Bank Integration Began
Tokenization Platform Research
IEO Platform Research
UOBT Initial Launch LC topup USD10 million backed LC (Credit increase by USD22million)
2020 Q3
International Digital Bank
Platform Development Continues
Payment and Remittances Platform (UTransfer)
Digital Custody Platform (UCustody)
UOBT Onboarding Platform (UBis)
UOBT Initial Launch LC topup USD9.4 million backed LC (Credit increase by USD20million)
2020 Q2
International Digital Bank
IFE Application Continue
IFE Digital Platform Evaluation
Board Bank Constitution
UOBT Initial Launch LC topup USD5.7million backed LC (Credit increase by USD10million)
2021 Q2
Project Implementations
IFE Planning Continues
Platforms Developments and Integrations
Exchanges Reviews and Applications
UBis Platform Launch
2021 Q3
IEO Planning
IEO Launch
Market Making Continues
IFE Implementation Begins
UTransfer Launch
Marketing Campaign
Strategic Alliances Continues
2021 Q4
IEO Continues
IEO Launching Continues
Market Making Continues
IFE Implementation Continues
Transfer Alliances and Operations
Marketing Campaign Continues
Strategic Alliances Continues
Dec 06, 2021 - Mar 07, 2022
Public sales
Jun 15, 2022 - Sep 21, 2022
Token supply
1,000,000,000 UOBT
Total tokens for sale
600,000,000 UOBT
Soft cap
USD 400million
Hard cap
USD 600million
Token Info
Token Standard
Token Price
1 UOBT = 2 USD
Accepted Currencies
1 UOBT = USD 0.40
Starting Price
1 UOBT = USD 2.5
Floor Price
1 UOBT = USD 0.5
Token Distribution
Funds Allocation
Corporate Members
Most of our strategic partners are allocated a pre-determined quantity of tokens according to the current agreements. Internal trading between these prestigious companies are also taking place to ensure a healthy circulation of the token.
30million UOBT
24million UOBT
2million UOBT
10.7million UOBT
9million UOBT
12million UOBT
30million UOBT
18.8million UOBT
13.6million UOBT
12.7million UOBT
8.5million UOBT
7million UOBT
6.6million UOBT
10million UOBT
11.3million UOBT
10.8million UOBT
11million UOBT
50million UOBT
15.8million UOBT
17.2million UOBT
20million UOBT
18.8million UOBT
30million UOBT
Darren Yeo
CEO and Head of Investment Research
Clarence Yip
Chief Operations Officer
Aaron Tam
Chief Technology Officer
Bernard Forest
Chief Legal and Compliance
Amar Eswar
Chief Marketing Officer
Lynn Phang
Head of Strategic Communications
Timothy Chan
Head Blockchain Developer
Lui Yong Kit
Trading System Specialist
Terry Kwok
Head Cyber Security Analyst
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